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Management Team

Suraj Yadav KODC.jpg

Founder & Creative Director

Suraj Yadav

KODC have been established in 2015 by Mr. Suraj Yadav. He has worked as Choreographer from 2015 to 2021 for KODC, now he has taken the responsibility as Creative Director.

Avishek Sarma KODC.png

Managing Director

Avishek Sarma

KODC financial accounts are handle by Mr. Avishek Sarma. He has joined KODC in 2021 as Investing Partner. He has taken the responsibility  as Managing Director.

Rohit Balmiki KODC.png

Content Creator

Rohit Balmiki

All the videos or contents which are released by KODC are created by Mr. Rohit Balmiki. He is appointed as content creator for KODC.

Priya Sarma KODC.png

Interior Designer & Financial Advisor

Priya Sarma

All the KODC studios have been designed by M/S Priya Sarma. She has taken responsibility as financial advisor for KODC.

Minakshi Jha KODC.png


Minakshi Jha

Students handling, Instructors appointing for sessions, receipts & payments and counseling sessions of students are handle by M/S Minakshi Jha. She is appointed as Manager of KODC.

Abhilasha Khanna KODC.png

Content Creator

Abhilasha Khanna

Quality control of all content are handle by M/S Abhilasha Khanna.

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